NixOS on ARM/Toshiba AC100

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Toshiba AC100
Architecture ARMv7
Codename Compal PAZ00


It has been reported as working with @dezgeg's ARMv7 images by User:Roberth following these instructions.

Installation notes

The Toshiba AC100 used to ship with Android 2, the fastboot bootloader and a custom partition table format. Nowadays, you can install U-boot on it. It is advisable to make a back-up (documented elsewhere; you'll need nvflash as documented below).

In order to modify the operating system, you need to connect the AC100 with a mini-usb cable to an Intel system we'll call the host. On the host, build the nvflash tool:

pkgs.stdenv.mkDerivation {
    name = "tegra-driver-package";
    version = "r16.5.0";
    src = pkgs.fetchurl {
      url =;
      sha256 = "11qmqj0yillwfapzcfjr4px4z8l7zkh0v3xrfpr9riff54xsidq2";
    configurePhase = "";
    buildPhase = "";
    checkPhase = "";
    installPhase = ''
      mkdir $out
      cp -r * $out/

Build the nvflash tool and follow the instructions for installing U-boot starting with the step at

When U-boot is installed, proceed with the sd-image-armv7l-linux.img image from and follow the general NixOS installation instructions. If the first installation attempt fails, you will need to use the U-boot command line to select an alternative installation medium, using something like (please correct):

setenv boot_targets=usb0
run distro_boot