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dwm is a window manager made by the suckless team.


Enable dwm in your system configuration:

services.xserver.windowManager.dwm.enable = true;

Creating an override

Patching dwm

To patch dwm, override services.xserver.windowManager.dwm.package as below:

services.xserver.windowManager.dwm.package = pkgs.dwm.override {
  patches = [
    # for local patch files, replace with relative path to patch file
    # for external patches
    (pkgs.fetchpatch {
      # replace with actual URL
      url = "https://dwm.suckless.org/patches/path/to/patch.diff";
      # replace hash with the value from `nix-prefetch-url "https://dwm.suckless.org/patches/path/to/patch.diff" | xargs nix hash to-sri --type sha256`
      # or just leave it blank, rebuild, and use the hash value from the error
      hash = "";

Using custom sources

If you have a locally stored source tree for dwm with changes already applied, you can use that instead:

services.xserver.windowManager.dwm.package = pkgs.dwm.overrideAttrs {
  src = ./path/to/dwm/source/tree;

Alternatively, you can set src to the output of a fetcher, if you have the source tree stored online.


If your change does not appear to take effect:

  • You must not have dwm listed anywhere in your environment.systemPackages or home.packages.
  • Remove any packages installed via nix-env or nix profile.
  • After rebuilding and switching, reboot and check again.

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