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The wiki provides templates for common tasks.

Those templates can range from simple to complex, being almost invisible to the end-user to provide a complete harmonized template between articles.

In addition to the visual aspect, using some templates will automatically file and categorize articles in ways indispensable to the end-users.

Available templates

These templates are meant to be used across the whole wiki.

There are other section-specific templates, and templates for internal use available too.

Article status

These templates should be added to either the top of a page, or the top of a section, when needed.

Note templates

These templates are purposefully intrusive, and serve as a visual landmark to an important note.

These templates should be used sparingly, but are useful as they are less intrusive.

Prefab tips

Common repeated tips in template form.

  • {{evaluate}} reminder to evaluate a NixOS configuration with nixos-rebuild.
  • {{unfree}} a note that a package is unfree, with a link for more help.


Misc. prefabs

  • {{app}} for a card with details about an application.
  • {{man}} to refer to a man page (and section).

Code and commands

  • {{commands}} for a list of commands.
  • {{file}} for a formatted code block with a filename header.
  • Prefer the SyntaxHighlight extension with e.g. <syntaxhighlight lang="nix"></syntaxhighlight> otherwise.

These are more raw implementation blocks. They are not recommended for broad use.

Nix, Nixpkgs and NixOS

These helpers link to specific project parts.




Other links

Page construction

Templates helping in building pages with common forms.

Visual Guidelines

The icons used are from Breeze, the default icon set of KDE.

Since the icons from Breeze are used, the colours from HIG, which is the Breeze Color Palette are used.

Sometimes, there isn't an icon in the Breeze theme that can be used for the purpose. In this case, alternative free and open source icons can be used. Once a stand-in is used, someone with the necessary skills can create the needed icon in the breeze style.

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