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Mopidy is an MPD-compatible music server written in Python.

On NixOS, Mopidy is configured via the services.mopidy options.


Mopidy extensions are installed by adding their package to services.mopidy.extensionPackages.


By default, the mopidy-youtube extension relies on youtube-dl as the backend for downloading from YouTube, but it can be configured to use a compatible alternative backend such as yt-dlp. Due to the way Mopidy extensions are implemented in nixpkgs, to add another module to the Python environment of mopidy-youtube, the mopidy package set must be overridden like so:

services.mopidy = let
  mopidyPackagesOverride = pkgs.mopidyPackages.overrideScope (prev: final: { extraPkgs = pkgs: [ ]; });
in {
  extensionPackages = with mopidyPackagesOverride; [
  configuration = ''
    youtube_dl_package = yt_dlp