NixOS on ARM/Orange Pi 5 Plus

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Orange Pi 5 Plus
Manufacturer Orange Pi
Architecture AArch64
Bootloader uboot 2024.1+
Startup order SPI NOR Flash, SD, NVMe
Maintainer ryan4yin

Orange PI 5 Plus

The Orange Pi 5 Plus is a Single-Board Computer with a Rockchip RK3588 SoC.

Note that rk3588 is the same as rk3588s, but with more I/O pins (Linux device trees for rk3588 include rk3588s).

System configuration

None of the basic components (Kernel, HW acceleration drivers) are available from upstream NixOS.

Join `` Matrix channel to hang out with users that are running this board. As of writing, here is an upstream PR for rk3588 boards:

As of writing, building a working system requires additional configuration.

@ryan4yin's flake

A minimal flake that makes NixOS running on Orange Pi 5:

What to do when bootloader breaks (SPI)?

If you flash uBoot with incorrect bootloader, you may be unable to load anything else until uboot is fixed. Orange Pi 5 Plus supports maskrom mode with `rkdeveloptool`, as documented here: