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OpenRGB is a powerful open-source software for controlling RGB lighting on various computer components and peripherals. It provides a unified interface for managing RGB devices from different manufacturers, eliminating the need for multiple proprietary software solutions. With OpenRGB, users can customize their PC's lighting effects, synchronize colors across devices, and create dynamic lighting profiles. This tool is particularly useful for users who want to maintain full control over their system's RGB lighting without relying on closed-source applications.


Please do note that installing this package by itself will lead to udev rules not being set up correctly. It is recommended to have both services.hardware.openrgb.enable = true; and the package installed (either openrgb or openrgb-with-all-plugins)

Using nix-shell

nix-shell -p openrgb

Using Global Configuration

environment.systemPackages = [

After modifying your configuration, apply the changes by running:

sudo nixos-rebuild switch

Using Home Configuration

home.packages = [ 

After updating your configuration, apply the changes by running:

home-manager switch



services.hardware.openrgb.enable = true;


services.hardware.openrgb = { 
  enable = true; 
  package = pkgs.openrgb-with-all-plugins; 
  motherboard = "amd"; 
  server = { 
    port = 6742; 
    autoStart = true; 

Tips and Tricks

Location of Options

The global options are listed on MyNixOS.

Turn off RGB

If you'd like to turn off all RGB devices supported by OpenRGB, consider something like:

{ pkgs, lib, ... }:
  no-rgb = pkgs.writeScriptBin "no-rgb" ''
    NUM_DEVICES=$(${pkgs.openrgb}/bin/openrgb --noautoconnect --list-devices | grep -E '^[0-9]+: ' | wc -l)

    for i in $(seq 0 $(($NUM_DEVICES - 1))); do
      ${pkgs.openrgb}/bin/openrgb --noautoconnect --device $i --mode static --color 000000
in {
  config = {
    services.udev.packages = [ pkgs.openrgb ];
    boot.kernelModules = [ "i2c-dev" ];
    hardware.i2c.enable = true; = {
      description = "no-rgb";
      serviceConfig = {
        ExecStart = "${no-rgb}/bin/no-rgb";
        Type = "oneshot";
      wantedBy = [ "" ];