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Tiny Tiny RSS is a free and open source web-based news feed (RSS/Atom) reader and aggregator.

Install = {
  enable = true;
  # to configure a nginx virtual host directly:
  virtualHost = "";
  selfUrlPath = "";
  # or for hosting on sub-path:
  selfUrlPath = "";


By default tt-rss creates an admin user with password password. After logging in for the first time, do not forget to change it!

Disabling the admin user completely

After installing and creating a new user, you can disable the admin by setting its access level to -2 [1].

Either manually by running:

sudo -u tt_rss nix-shell -p php \
  --run 'php /var/lib/tt-rss/www/update.php --user-set-access-level "admin:-2"'

You can even automate this to ensure it is always set to -2 by e.g. utilising a PreStart snippet: = lib.mkAfter ''
  ${pkgs.php}/bin/php ${}/www/update.php \
    --user-set-access-level "admin:-2"

Enabling TLS for nginx virtual host

Assuming you have ACME set-up for

services.nginx.virtualHosts."${}" = {
  forceSSL = true;
  useACMEHost = ""