Writing DVDs

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There seems to be various issues (permissions) with DVD burning programs not working out of the box. This is what I do:

nix-shell -p k3b dvdplusrwtools

You may need to set a newer packages version with -I nixpkgs=

and then

env QT_PLUGIN_PATH=/nix/store/d7q3q6wmfccss8gcp09r33xg0wkbz9gb-qtbase-5.11.0-bin/lib/qt-5.11/plugins/ k3b

where QT_PLUGIN_PATH is an appropriate store path. See also Qt#qt.qpa.plugin:_Could_not_find_the_Qt_platform_plugin_.22xcb.22_in_.22.22

Warning: Changing the nix store can lead to inconsistencies which are hard to debug. It is better to use security.wrappers when using NixOS

As suggested by https://github.com/NixOS/nixpkgs/issues/19154#issuecomment-647005545 calling sudo mount -o remount,rw /nix/store) and changing the program permissions in K3b (Settings -> Configure k3b -> programs -> Permissions "tab") fixes the problem. (Tested with nixos 20.09 february 2021).