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Article tone

Use a more descriptive tone, where concepts and instructions are described and explained first. A prescriptive tone should be avoided. Here's an example:

Prescriptive Descriptive

How to deal with full /boot in case of EFI

systemd-boot (gummiboot) can't store kernels, initrd and other big stuff on root partition, so switch to grub

Keeping kernels/initrd on the main partition

For these instructions, GRUB will be required; systemd-boot cannot reference boot files from the root partition. This will differ from the default expectation of NixOS on EFI, where /boot/ is the ESP.

On the prescriptive side, the title doesn't describe the achieved end-result; the text tells the reader to switch to grub without explaining what the following (elided) configuration does.


Capitalize only the first word.

Common sections

Some sections are common across the wiki. For consistency, their names are documented here.

Section Description
See also References inside and outside the wiki. Prefer textual links with a description than naked URLs.
References The last section, when needed, where sections will output the references.


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