NixOS on ARM/Orange Pi Zero Plus2 H5

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Orange Pi Zero Plus2 (H5)
An Orange Pi Zero Plus2 (H5).
Manufacturer Xunlong / Orange Pi
Architecture AArch64
Bootloader Upstream u-boot[1]
Note: While made by the same manufacturer and using an Allwinner SOC, the H3 variant does not use the same architecture; this page does not relate to the H3 variant.


Upstream NixOS AArch64 image will boot on the Orange Pi Zero Plus2 (H5), using the proper upstream u-boot.

Board-specific installation notes

First follow the generic installation steps to get the installer image on an SD card.

U-Boot needs to be copied to specific sectors on the microSD card with dd. Download u-boot for the board, and copy it to the correct location with (again, replace /dev/sdX with the correct path to the SD card device):

sudo dd if=u-boot-sunxi-with-spl.bin of=/dev/sdX bs=1024 seek=8

Then, install using the installation and configuration steps.

Serial console


The wireless does not currently work using the upstream firmware from the firmware-linux-nonfree package. However there is a version of the firmware which does work in the Armbian firmware repository. See here for an example of how the firmware from this repository can be added to nixpkgs, such that it overrides the upstream files.

Compatibility notes

  • Using the upstream kernel at 4.18, HDMI does work currently.