NixOS on ARM/PINE64 Pinebook Pro

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A Pinebook Pro.
Manufacturer PINE64 (Pine Microsystems Inc.)
Architecture AArch64
Bootloader U-Boot[1]
Boot order SPI, eMMC, SD

The Pinebook Pro is a laptop design based on the Rockchip RK3399 SoC.

It can boot from SD or from an included and replaceable eMMC module.


Hardware support is partially complete and can be achieved using the overlay provided by nixos-hardware. A README with more information can be found into the specific device folder.

You can also consider looking at previous work:

There is more information in the respective READMEs, but the gist of it is that those repositories can be used to build a system image either through cross-compilation or native aarch64-linux build, with the usual caveats.

The repositories also serve as an overlay that can be used in your system configuration thereafter.

Board-specific installation notes

  1. Install the board-specific TowBoot to SPI
  2. Get the generic aarch64 sd-image and boot from it
  3. Just follow the normal installation procedure

Serial console

Details about the pinout for the headphone jack are available on the PINE64 wiki. It is also available on their store. The serial settings are the usual Rockchip settings.

Compatibility notes

  • The keyboard may not send input when pressing mod4(pine key)+cursor combinations. This issue is resolved using the revised keyboard firmware.