NixOS on ARM/Wandboard

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Wandboard Family
Architecture ARMv7


@dezgeg's porting efforts to ARMv7 should work.

Board-specific installation notes

First follow the generic installation steps to get the installer image.

U-Boot and its SPL need to be copied to specific sectors on the microSD card with dd. Download U-Boot & SPL for the board (uboot-wandboard_defconfig-2017.03_u-boot.img, uboot-wandboard_defconfig-2017.03_SPL), and copy them to the correct location with (again, replace /dev/sdX with the correct path to the SD card device):

sudo dd if=uboot-wandboard_defconfig-2017.03_SPL        of=/dev/sdX seek=1 bs=1k
sudo dd if=uboot-wandboard_defconfig-2017.03_u-boot.img of=/dev/sdX seek=69 bs=1k
Note: Only the Quad model has been tested, but the others should work as well with the same U-Boot binary.

Then, install using the installation and configuration steps.

Serial console

Notes about the boot process

Only serial console (via the DB-9 connector) is supported.