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Cookbook is one of the five primary resource categories for the wiki.

Cookbooks are collections of recipes. The recipes it contains will provide instructions on how to get a solution for a certain subject. They are goal oriented and have a clear beginning and end. They show someone - who can be assumed to have some basic knowledge already - how to achieve something.

Cookbooks are different from Tutorials as they provide answers to a question that a true beginner might not even be able to formulate.

They are arranged by theme / tool into separate articles.

Comparison to other resource page types

  • If information is more encyclopedic (with a similar scope and tone to pages on Wikipedia), a page would be considered a pedia.
  • If information is less encyclopedic and more similar to a compendium, study guide, or a bibliographic guide, a page would be considered a guide.
  • If information is more about direct instruction to achieve a specific task, a page would be considered a tutorial.
  • If a page is more just a set of tips and tricks (less instructive than a tutorial), it would be a cookbook.
  • If a page is a detailed reference (like a man page or full software manual), it would fit under references.