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This is the official NixOS Wiki. It includes topics not covered in the NixOS Manual: NixOS user guides, configuration examples, and troubleshooting tips.

NixOS is a Linux operating system based on the Nix package manager and the Nixpkgs package repository.

Newcomers to NixOS are encouraged to read the Nix Core Ecosystem overview article to get a comprehensive orientation. For more specific introductions, see:

If you want to try Nix standalone in another Linux distribution or on a Mac, take your first steps on

A lot of people use Home Manager for managing the contents of their home directory, many use Flakes instead of the NixOS bi-annually release channels. Both add complexity and you may not even need them. Begin with NixOS, and only integrate Home Manager and/or Flakes into your setup once you're confident with NixOS and comprehend their significance.

 Setting up NixOS

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First stop should be Resources, which serves as a gateway to the most important documentation. Some highlights below.

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2024-07-05Wiki editors meeting

All interested wiki editors meet on 5th of July at 13:00 CEST in a Jitsi conference.

2024-04-01Launch of the wiki

The official NixOS wiki has taken off! If you want to find out why there is a new wiki effort, check out the FAQ.

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